Come along on a walking tour
of downtown Spokane.

Updated October, 2000


Dr.. Barbara Murray
Start at Kardong bridge on the Centennial Trail (near the Post Office Terminal Annex). This is a former railroad bridge which has been converted for the trail. You will find the most interesting scenery on the Centennial Trail!


Stop to view the massive stone sculpture on the campus of WSU and EWU Spokane What are they? You figure it out.


Near Cavenaughs Inn At The Park in downtown Spokane, WA USA. Head South across the footbridge. A photo of upper dam which makes a lot of water noise by the hotel. A shot of the rubber tired park train heading for the Clock Tower, which is a relic of the Great Northern Railway. In years past this was a rail yard.


Slightly Southeast and across another footbridge, we see the north side of the Spokane Opera House. The opening ceremony of Expo 74 was staged here on the floating stage, with dignitaries in floating barges. Heading West past the Opera House we come to a giant red wagon... A sculpture! A Toy! Great fun for kids. 



Listen to the Carousel!     

Under the Washington Street Bridge, looking Northwest to the Stevens Street Bridge, we see the Clock Tower again, and sculpture in the water.


The Carousel! Saved from the former Natatorium Amusement Park (Looff 3 row park machine circa 1909)... this classic carousel has its own building in The Spokane Riverfront Park.

Don't miss the opportunity to view an IMAX
film at the IMAX theater in Riverfront Park
A blue butterfly four stories tall, and more sculpture.

Listen to the Birds.     

April in Spokane is Tulip Time! The gondola car ride over the Spokane Falls starts here. Trees are leafing out. Spring is here!


Take a look at 40 steel runners, sculptural homage to Bloomsday, a Spokane obsession with running. The new Nordstrom store and Riverpark Square
are an impressive addition to Downtown Spokane.


Two footbridges are suspended near the upper falls. This is a great place to wander around and feel the mist from the river on your face.

Looking Southwest, note the gondola cars. Looking North,
Hear the roar of the falls!       


Looking South The Spring run-off is thundering over the dam.


Buffalo skulls decorate the topside of the bridge. The Monroe Street Bridge.

Looking to the Northeast, to view the dam and the cable cars below. There is a lot of roaring white water in the heart of Downtown Spokane! A circular promenade near the Library and just before the Monroe Street Bridge. You must walk the spiral to read it. Read the Native American Commentary that is engraved into the marble blocks that form the spiral.

If you get under this bridge and look up, you will be in for a shock when you see the chunks of concrete and rusted rebar hanging down! How many millions of dollars will it take to rehabilitate this monster? Here is a view back to the East of the Monroe Street Bridge. We could turn it into the Bungee Jumping center of the Western United States!

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