``To run with so many people you lose your sense of how well or poorly you run. You're just part of the flow, the sound of footsteps and breathing. You're continuously aware you're really not competing with anyone. You're sharing something.'' That explanation comes from David Govedare, a Chewelah artist who sculpted a 40-person Bloomsday scene along Spokane Falls Boulevard in 1985.

As much as he's studied the race, Govedare is still unable to pinpoint the reason it's a rage. ``I think it's a mystery why Bloomsday is so provocative to us.''
More Sculpture In The Park
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More Sculpture by David Govedare
Just East of the I-90 Interstate Freeway, and near the top of the hill on the East side of the Columbia River near Vantage, WA you will find
Grandfather Turns Loose The Ponies

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