Drive 65 miles South of Spokane and near the Idaho Border you will find the nifty little town of Palouse, Washington. Palouse has approximately 1,000 residents. Lush green wheat surrounds this quiet village. Palouse has an excellent school system and is an ideal place to raise children. Drive South for about fifteen minutes from Palouse and you will come to Pullman, home of Washington State University, or Moscow, home of the University of Idaho. This gives you the cultural advantages of being located near two major universities, yet Palouse is definitely rural with the town social life focused on the school and several churches.
Find a place such as Palouse... with a low cost of living and a relaxed pace of life, then use your free time to explore yourself and liberate your creativity. 

If you are traveling to Palouse from Spokane, be sure to take a drive up Steptoe Butte to survey the Palouse country. Steptoe Butte is a unique granite peak in the Palouse wheat country that has a spiral paved road to the top for a magnificent 360 degree view. In early June this place looks like paradise. Storm light defines the Palouse hills as a rain storm passes over Kamiak Butte. In this view to the South East, Palouse is just to the left in the distance.

Following is a photo essay of the town of Palouse, Washington
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As you near Palouse from the North, you see the Palouse River which flows through the center of town. Cow pasture near the highway as we near the town.

Main Street, looking West   A Playground for the kids.

Head for the Palouse City Park for a rest stop and a little time to relax.   Beat the heat... jump in the public swimming pool.

Do not miss the opportunity to check out the current showing in the Bank Left Art Gallery. There is sure to be something here to please you. Grab some lunch at the Green Frog Cafe

Palouse River by the
City Park

A financial center.

Building Mural
(Behind the Financial Center)

The Garfied/Palouse Graduating Class of 2008

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