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Garfield/Palouse School Another view...

Picturesque old barn Hey, someone saved the old
Palouse Texaco Sign! 

Young lady with her horse. Greenwood Memorial Cemetery, Palouse. My parents and grandparents are buried here.

  Spring Color  Looking Back

The town of Palouse, Washington is one of the best kept secrets in the Pacific Northwest. Practically ALL of those attributes that the city planners are harping about... Palouse already has. Here is a place that is pedestrian friendly... where the kids can walk to school and the swimming pool... or whatever.

Community pride results in a host of events and activities that larger cities only dream of. The town has an authenticity about it that is striking. There is no MacDonalds or strip malls, yet the place lacks for nothing. If you must have fast-food and big-box retailers they are 20 minutes away in Moscow or Pullman.

The climate is unbelievably desirable. Mild winters and cool summers with low humidity are the standard. Most folks living east of the Rocky Mountains think that it is normal to go around with their underwear stuck to their sweaty bodies. They think that it is normal to need to take three showers a day and huddle around their air conditioner.

Crime and graffiti are almost non-existent. The police reports seem to focus on barking dogs.

If you have been looking for a place where the people seem to be at peace with themselves and the world... where the high school drop-out rate is zero. Where trust and friendship are the norm instead of the exception... maybe you should go back and take a second look at this photo essay. - WDM -

I hope that you enjoyed this photo tour of my old home town, Palouse, Washington. If you have comments or corrections that you would like me to post with these photos. Email them to me:

Follow this link to the official City of Palouse web site

Follow this link for a profile of the town of Palouse.

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