1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC

1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC - view # 1

The performance-oriented Lincoln Mark VII LSC (Luxury Sport Coupe) is the fabled "hot rod Lincoln" come to life... with firm suspension, performance tires on handsome cast-aluminum wheels, multi-adjustable sports bucket seats and Lincoln's best leather upholstery... It is all you could ask for in a luxury sport coupe. Horsepower is 225 with four-wheel disc brakes with anti-lock control.
This car will be sold at the Silvers Collector Car Auction, Portland , Oregon on April 11th, 2014


1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC - Interior
1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC - view # 2

1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC - view # 3
1. "The Lincoln Mark VII is a plush performer well-suited for comfortable cruising."
                                                       Consumer Guide to Used Cars 1994 edition
2. "...the Continental LSC remains the overall American standard in this class."
                                                        Car and Driver (December 1985)
3. "A bargain, a beauty, and a ball to drive"
4. "...the Mark VII LSC remains among the best way to embarrass other drivers while wearing a tuxedo."
                                                        Motor Trend (August 1988)
5. "...Luxury, Sport, Coupe, aptly named and well-executed."
                                                        John M. Clor (writer for AutoWeek) 1990
6. Speaking of the LSC's leather seats:
   "If dentists had chairs like these, people would line up to have their teeth pulled."
                                                      (Motor Trend) March 1986

1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC - view # 4

1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC - view # 5

1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC - view # 6

1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC - Interior view # 2
It's a well mannered but hairy-chested beast! Lincoln's top-of-the-line Luxury Sport Coupe is just about the perfect car for the old car aficionado. If you can find one with under 100K miles and under $6,000... buy it! Performance to satisfy almost anyone combined with all of the luxury toys you could wish for. No wonder the Mark VII seems to be a popular choice for the serious car collector.

Old Cars Price Guide -- August 2007 for 1989 Lincoln Mark VII 2d Cpe LSC

Condition # 1
(Perfect Original or restoration)

Condition # 2
(Superior Restoration or Extremely well maintained

Condition # 3
(Looks perfect from twenty feet away)

Condition # 4
(Drivable... deteriorated or poor restoration) 




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