The market in art exists because of the very natural pleasure most people take in possessing beautiful things, and it is aided by the equally natural pleasure afforded to others by the art you possess.
Right, A room in the Louvre

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 Respect for artistic genius and artistic achievement,
combined with an appreciation of history -- and of drawings, paintings and objets d'art

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Museum Quality Reproductions of Sculptural Masterpieces from
The Eleganza Collection
There are 320 sculptures in
four galleries for you to see!

  Bronze Castings from American Bronze

  Why is it that some men have the power to create patterns which can stir others deeply? The mixture of pure visual satisfaction, of intellectual associations, and possibly of some vision or insight which can never be set down in words, are all components of the pleasure we draw from any individual work of art.
Geraldine Keen

Detail of Statue -- Hofberg Palace, Vienna





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