1982 Ford Thunderbird Town Landau -- 57,000 Original Miles

1982 Thunderbird - View # 1

This 1982 Thunderbird Town Landau has only 58,000 original miles. Now we have personal luxury with excellent fuel economy and a small package. The 82 T-Bird is a fine car. T-bird buffs tend to bad-mouth this series and point to comparatively poor sales. Not True! The fox platform T-bird was superior to its prececesor in just about every way except one... hugh price increases. Buyers were suffering severe sticker shock when they saw a small Thunderbird at almost twice the money for the big 1972 - 1976 T-Birds based on the Lincoln Mark IV body and chassis.
NOTE: This car will be sold at the Silvers Collector Car Auction in Portland, Oregon on April 11th, 2014


1982 Thunderbird - View # 2

1982 Thunderbird - Interior

1982 Thunderbird - View # 3

1982 Thunderbird - View # 4
 New 15" Eagle Alloy wheels are a big improvement over the stock wheels with fake wire wheel hubcaps.
(Stock wheels & tires are in the trunk.)

1982 Thunderbird - View # 5

Gold Book Value Guide -- May 2009 for 1982 Ford Thunderbird Town Landau    

Condition # 1
(Perfect Original or restoration)

Condition # 2
(Superior Restoration or Extremely well maintained

Condition # 3
(Looks perfect from twenty feet away)

Condition # 4
(Drivable... deteriorated or poor restoration) 

(Maximum amount that a bank would loan for purchase)





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