2003 Ford Thunderbird - View # 1
2003 Torch Red Thunderbird. Here is how you tell a 2003 T-bird from a 2002 model... The '03 has the V8 emblems on the front fenders between the front wheelwell and the doors. Also, look for the Thunderbird emblem on the engine.

2003 Ford Thunderbird - Indian Rosewood dash

2003 Ford Thunderbird Interior
Photo at Left shows the Indian Rosewood dash kit.

2003 Ford Thunderbird  - Note the Power Sports Tonneau

2003 Ford Thunderbird  door

2003 Ford Thunderbird porthole removable top and seven spoke wheels

2003 Ford Thunderbird side view

2003 Ford Thunderbird side view showing the stainless accent  trim
Ford Thunderbird  - View of the tonneau cover from above
The 2003 Thunderbird combines the attractive features of the original 1955 T-bird with the modern refinements that 2003 engineering has to offer.

I particularly like the styling which is similar to the original 1955 T-bird in that the car sits horizontal without the ass end jacked up into the air. Also, you can rest your arm on the door. This looks like a car should! Many models today have such a high belt-line that you see just a head and two eyes peeking over the dash and belt-line as they sit down in the car as if they were sitting in a big bathtub.

This Premium T-bird has every option available at the time of order.

2003 Premium Thunderbird factory window sticker