1994 Chrysler Le Baron Convertible

1994 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible


91K Orig. miles. Well maintained and well cared for. No noticeable wear or damage in or out.
New alloy wheels. (Stock wheels with wire wheel hubcaps are available)

Old Cars Price Guide -- August 2006 for 1994 Chrysler 2d GTC Le Baron Convertible V-6

Condition # 1
(Perfect Original or restoration)

Condition # 2
(Superior Restoration or Extremely well maintained

Condition # 3
(Looks perfect from twenty feet away)

Condition # 4
(Drivable... deteriorated or poor restoration) 




This is a private car collection. We are not a dealer. However, if you want this car more than we do, we would let you have it for $4,995. WDM